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"Concertare (latin) means to play together. My curiosity pays to different cultures, other people and their musical expression. As soon as we meet and play together, something new is produced. During this creative process I am crossing borders and learning about the diversity of our world. The end product is only one thing: music."

Eberhard Schoener is searching for new influences, the unusual. He gives in to them to return, enlightened, to his very own unique direction. Eberhard Schoener met with Laurie Anderson, conducted concerts with Sting and Gianna Nannini and recorded with Andrea Bocelli. Through his efforts the Heavy Metal band Deep Purple got together with the boy choir of Tölz and the Tango was introduced to Willy deVille. Eberhard Schoener also worked together with the musicians of Prinz Agung Raka in Bali over a period of twenty years. He recorded with the monks of the monastery of Kopan in Nepal and got together with Carlinhos Brown and Armandinho Macedo in Brazil. Eberhard Schoener observes the interchange of different musicians in context with new forms of art as the expression of his time. In the collaboration with other artists continuity is very important to him.

A new musical instrument is on the market place. In the USA Mr. Bob Moog is developing a synthesizer, which is able to produce sounds nobody has heard before and can imitate the sound of other instruments. Eberhard Schoener is traveling to Trumansburg to meet Mr. Moog and will stay for three weeks to study how to use the machine. At this time Mr. Moog has only built five synthesizers in his small shop. The waiting list is long, but he is not about to expand his business. As Mr. John Lennen is sending his 'Moog' back to await further developments to it, Eberhard Schoener returns to Germany with this very Moog and the friendship resulting from this lasts for many years. He owns that Moog synthesizer to the present day and it still works.

Schoeners Oper im Netz
Schoeners Oper im Netz