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"The various events which I have produced always were a result of my curiosity to create themes and new artistic expressions that were not restricted to just music. These events are the reflections of different artistic schools in which the human being of the 21st Century finds itself."

Eberhard Schoener is looking for challenge. His event-projects are unusual - ahead of their time. Examples include the re-design of the BMW-museum in Munich, the grand Classic-Rock-Nights, the first simultaneous concert via satellite out of Japan and the opening of the World Championship in Athletics in Stuttgart, at which musicians from five continents played together live and simultaneously using two satellites.


Re-designing the BMW museum in Munich together with Professor Wilfried Minks. The big automobile maker had to watch as one car after the other was removed from the museum just to be replaced by life sized dummies, portraying well known people. The museum, as an exhibition room, changed into a big stage showing various scenes and musical adventures. The New York Times raved over the "extraordinarily different way to present cars" and BMW saw its courage rewarded by the long lasting success of the project.

  The first Classik-Rock-Night: a six hour live-broadcast to German Television featuring Jon Anderson, Gary Brooker, Mike Batt and Esther Ofarim. The orchestra was not only supplying as "background" but maintained its peculiarity. The audience encountered new sounds and the fan of classical music got to talk to the Rock-Music-freak.
Schoeners Oper im Netz
Schoeners Oper im Netz