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73 - 77
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"The music to a film is much more than simply background. It is the corresponding supplementation to the picture. Film is the succession of the art form of the opera for me. From big pathos to the minimal content - there are no limits in that medium for expression."

For Eberhard Schoener, who understands music in context with other art forms as an expression of his time, film and television are logically fascinating mediums. He wrote music to motion pictures and television episodes always considering the support of the films dramaturgy.
1973: Trotta - directed by Johannes Schaaf
1974: Traumstadt - directed by Johannes Schaaf
Ansichten eines Clowns - directed by Vojtech Jasny
1975: John Glückstadt - directed by Ulf Miehe
Fluchtversuch - directed by Vojtech Jasny
1977: Slavers - directed by Jürgen Goslar
Die Bibel hat doch recht - directed by W. Reinhard
Rheingold - directed by Niklaus Schilling
Schoeners Oper im Netz
Schoeners Oper im Netz