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Just finished:

The sound track of the new big Science fiction series „Ice Planet“, which was produced in Munich and Los Angeles. The music was mixed in 5.1 on a Euphonix S5 system in Los Angeles in that studio which signs responsible for that new development in mixing boards.

Just started:

Eberhard Schoener is working on his new project "Crossing Times And Continents". This music is planned as a DVD-Audio in 5.1 and is mixed in the sound studio of Dieter Meier (Yello) in Los Angeles. "Crossing Times And Continents" will be released in March 2002.


As Willy deVille heard that he shall sing a tango for the Short-Opera "Eine Rache (A Revenge)" he wanted to convince Eberhard Schoener to think of something else. But finally he was singing - in his very typical and incomparable way - the tango "Yvonne". A soundbite is available at the Short Opera "Eine Rache (A Revenge)".

Virtopera is also a success in China!

Report from Golden Chime Award.

Music selection:

The News page will introduce music in the near future which has a special meaning to work of Eberhard Schoener.

Schoeners Oper im Netz
Schoeners Oper im Netz