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1972 - 1989
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"The opera represents to every composer the biggest challenge. It has become rather difficult nowadays to express emotions, most of all, unprotected and as directly as possible, feelings of love. But the opera is all about strong emotions."

Eberhard Schoener played the first violin at the Bavarian State Opera House in Munich. Up to the present day the opera is his big passion. His love to 'Belcanto' led him find his contemporary form of the opera: Eberhard Schoener's Short Operas.


"Gianni Schicchi" by Giacomo Puccini as a public performance at the Olympic Games in Munich.


The chamber opera "La Zingara" for German public television (ZDF)


The opera "The Chief of the Theatre (Der Schauspieldirektor)" by W.A. Mozart music supervision and directed for television, starring Peter Ustinov as well as "The Bandmaster (Der Kapellmeister)" by Cimarosa. Both were published as a record through EMI-Classic.

1977 The fragment of an opera "Shakuntala" by Franz Schubert for the International Dance Theatre for German public television (ZDF).


"Pop-Stars perform Brecht/Weill": A concert at the Theatre of Hamburg recorded for television (NDR) featuring Sting, Gianna Nannini and Jack Bruce.


Third music-festival on the Island Elba with the performance of the opera "Mozart & Salieri".

Schoeners Oper im Netz
Schoeners Oper im Netz