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"My message is the music. The goal of my life is to create an original form of contemporary music in which the opera, jazz, ethnical and electronic music melt together. I believe in emotionality."

  Eberhard Schoener crosses borderlines, leaves his past behind just to find his way back to it. He gets down to music without any pre-judgment, surrendering to any foreign or strange influences to create unerring bridges to follow his very personal direction. Eberhard Schoener's work is difficult to describe as there are too many completely diverse compositions and an array of projects and events. Such versatility is reflected in his Biography.
1958 Studies Violin at the Academy of Music in Detmold (Nordwestdeutsche Musikakademie) under Professor Tibor Varga, chorister under Professor Eugen Pabst.
1959 Scholarship at the Academia Chigiana in Siena, conducting class under Sergiu Celibidache and chamber music under Quintetto Chiagiano.
1960 First violin at the Bavarian State Opera House.
1961 Foundation of the Munich Juvenile Symphony Orchester, known across the borders as "The Young Orchestra (Das junge Orchester)" in the ARD TV-series.
1964 Musical supervisor of the Bavarian Opera until 1968
1965 Foundation of the Munich Chamber Opera and since the artistic supervisor and conductor. Amongst others he conducted annual opera and concert performances at the Brunnenhof (Fountain-Courtyard) at the Residence Castle in Munich.
Schoeners Oper im Netz
Schoeners Oper im Netz